Stories of people who explored widely

Stories of people who explored widely

Case study: Jess Whitehead
Exploring potential career paths
  • Initial options: Was interested in being a doctor and working in international development
  • Added an option: Read our articles and also became interested in biosecurity policy
  • Conducted quick tests (1 week or less)
  • Initial learning:
    • Jesse realized she really didn’t like the sight of blood—> so being a doctor might be hard
    • But she loved research (especially when it related to medicine)
  • Current (larger) test: Now in her senior year of high school, she is working with her biology teacher conducting an after school research project with them

Case study: Alex
Exploring your intellectual interests

Alex graduated from maths and philosophy in Oxford a couple of years ago.

  • She was interested in academia and was leaning towards doing philosophy of mind, but was concerned it would have little impact.
  • So in the year after she graduated, she spent several months working in finance until she felt confident turning it down.
  • She spoke to loads of people in the areas of academia she was most interested by, eventually getting offered a PhD in psychology.
  • During her phd, she also explored the policy side of things by doing a policy internship, and the public intellectual route by writing about psychology for an online newspaper.
  • Now at the end of all this, she's explored all these paths AND she can basically go into any of them.

Case study: Beth
Explore your skills

Case study: Catherine
Explore your values

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