Notes: How to get sh*t done

Notes: How to get sh*t done

Mental health & self-care

Motivation & productivity

  • The Motivation Myth
    • You don't have to be motivated to start initially.
    • Motivation is more of a lagging indicator. So it's important for motivation to build, as an indicator you're being successful.
    • Set a goal but rely on habit/process to get you there, rather than being 100% motivated all the time.
  • The Procrastination Equation
  • Willpower and Success Spirals
  • I do weekly reviews which I’ve found to be one of the best things for improving my life. Find a buddy you get along well with and discuss your plans for the week, what you got done last week, and try to solve what went wrong. Here’s my template.

Getting shit done

Focus & prioritise

  • Feeling stressed can be because of insufficient prioritisation.
  • Figuring out your direction & goals is hugely motivating and often what’s stopping people getting more done.
    • So make sure you’re planning enough, and have a sense of where you’re heading.

Get along better with people