Making climate change your mission

Making climate change your mission

Reducing personal consumption is generally not the best way to fight climate change

We often focus a lot on eliminating personal consumption that contributes to climate change, and forget that different types of consumption harm the world in significantly different ways.

It’s also worth noting that not driving a car for a year matters about as much for the world as a $20 donation to a highly effective charity.

Your career is your most important choice

As a general rule, your career matters even more than donations for impact— you could do a lot to help directly.

Here are some particularly effective approaches to climate change – such as working on research and development of renewable energy sources.

Other threats to our future might need your help even more

Many people have recognized that climate change is a serious threat to our future in a way that they haven’t yet realized is true for other existential risks like engineered pandemics or transformative technologies. If you’d like to see what you can do about those, look at this approach to using your career to fight those risks.