Brian Tse

University major
Quantitative FinancePhilosophy
Cause area
Sino-western Coordination
Job title
Founding Director


Majored in

Quantitative Finance & Philosophy, University of Hong Kong.

Visiting student in applied mathematics, Harvard University

Current role

Why he works on Sino-western coordination:

In 2015, Brian was studying at Harvard University, attending lectures on the future of humanity by thinkers like philosopher Derek Parfit  and physicist Max Tegmark. Their arguments about the moral and cosmological importance of future generations inspired Brian to look into 80,000 Hours — which was hosting events at Harvard at the time — and apply for one-on-one career advising. As Brian learned more about important global issues like global poverty and global catastrophic risks, he came to realise how important and neglected they really were. He thought that, as someone who is bilingual, who had worked at both American and Chinese companies, and who had been learning about the dynamics of transformative technologies like AI for a few years, he might be in a good position to help increase understanding and cooperation between actors in the two countries in the area. Here was an opportunity to help to pioneer work on what he felt was one of the most pressing issues of our time. He applied to be a researcher at Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute working on AI governance, and they gave him the job. Recently, he founded an independent nonprofit consulting firm advising organisations in China, the United States, and Europe on the safety and governance of transformative technologies. - 80,000 Hours profile

Watch his talk on risks from great power conflicts: