Cassidy Nelson

University major
Cause area
Preventing Pandemics
Job title
PhD Student


Majored in


1 year of study in physics and 1 year in neuroscience beforehand.

Current role

Cassidy is a DPhil student at the University of Oxford, co-leads the biosecurity team at the Future of Humanity Institute, and is a fellow at the Emerging Leaders in Biosecurity Initiative at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.


Cassidy has consulted for the World Health Organization on health security and has advised the U.K. government on fighting COVID-19 and preventing future outbreaks.

Cassidy and her colleagues quickly proposed policies in the early days of the COVID outbreak that might also contribute to preventing the next pandemic.

Why she works on biosecurity

Cassidy left behind the stethoscope to work in biosecurity in 2017 because she saw that it was an important problem with far too little attention. She was also influenced by research on how many lives a doctor saves.

Listen to an early 2020 interview on preventing pandemics and limiting the impacts of Covid:

Watch her talk on Biosecurity: