Leah Garcés

University major
Cause area
Animal welfare
Job title


Majored in

Zoology at the University of Florida.

Current role

President of Mercy For Animals, an international non-profit animal protection organisation.

How she got there:

Before taking the job as President of Mercy For Animals, Leah:

How she has an impact:

Leah directs the organisation towards evidence-based programmes which create concrete differences in the lives of farmed animals. Ultimately, she wants to abolish factory farming, but she has discovered that campaigning for reforms in the food industry, public policy and institutions can massively reduce the suffering of animals today.

In 2021, through convincing institutions (like schools and restaurant chains) to offer vegan options or phase out certain animal products, Mercy For Animals has potentially spared the lives of 263,631 animals.

But perhaps more importantly, through corporate animal welfare policies successfully campaigned for, they have improved the lives of 954,000,000 animals.

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