Make the best use of this week

Make the best use of this week


A process for setting ambitious goals each week

Note: this process tends to be more fun and likely to continue with a friend. Is there anyone you could set up a regular time to do this with?

Reflect on last week

(Skip if it’s your first week)

Were the goals you set right? Could you have broken them down further?
What did you learn about what you’re motivated by
What problems came up? How could you have pre-empted them or prevent them happening next time?
Outline options of what you need to do this week
Write a first pass of options that are on top of your mind
Brainstorm more options
  1. Look over any lists you have
  2. Should you take other actions from the list on the previous page?
  3. Consider asking someone you trust if there are any options you missed
Convert your tasks into goals
Take your listed tasks, and write out what you’re trying to achieve with it
Write out your underlying goals (goal factoring) by answering these questions:
  1. Why do you want to do those tasks?
  2. What can you do better after you’ve accomplished these goals?

Note: if there aren’t multiple ways to achieve your goals, they’re still a task.

Which goal is most important?

Don’t spread yourself too thin. There’s usually one goal that’s most important.

What will goal get you the furthest?

If this isn’t obvious, you’re uncertain about something.

Write out what you’re uncertain about, and why
What’s the best way to achieve these goals?
Generate multiple potential solutions for each goal
When should you do them? Set a time in your calendar.

Note: I like to use Motion because it allows you to enter your tasks and set aside time for when to do them on your calendar.